Over the years, pupils have had some very different experiences of disability and school sport, as Jimmy Smallwood reports

How clearly do PE teachers, even trainee PE teachers, understand the needs of all pupils, regardless of ability? And to what extent are PE teachers in mainstream schools supported to be able to include young disabled people within the PE curriculum?

A 2011 survey by Whizz-Kids, featuring hundreds of disabled school children, revealed that a third felt they did not participate in PE lessons as much as their non-disabled peers. Of those, 33 per cent felt this was because of their impairment; for wheelchair users, it was 54 per cent.

Training schemes for teachers and trainee teachers exist to support PE teachers in mainstream schools to provide a high-quality PE curriculum for all, to prevent disabled pupils from feeling excluded and improve their lesson experience. But what are the practical, on-the-ground experiences of pupils and former pupils?

In this article four disabled people, three of whom are wheelchair users, discuss their differing experiences of PE in mainstream schools. Read the full article at SEN Magazine here